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temperature change/bass movement?

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Hi all,

Fishing last weekend the surface water temp. was 68 degree's. We found the SM were hanging out in about 8-10 FT. of water, and the LM were in coves and shallows, were the water depth was no more than 1-2 FT.

During the week a series of cold fronts came thru, high winds with the night air temps down in the 40's.

Fishing this weekend the surface water temp had dropped to 62-63, with shallow coves down to about 60.

The SM had not moved much, but the LM were gone from the shallow water. We caught a few but only in at least 3-5 FT of water.

My theory is that the top foot or so of water had cooled off, forcing the LM into the next water layer which had a more stable temp. And as soon as the surface temp climbs back up, the LM will come back also.

So I guess my question is, does the above theory sound correct, or are there other factors I'm missing. I'm finding out that noticing changes like I mentioned above, and getting a better understanding of what they mean, can make the difference between a good day fishing, and a great day fishing.





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High wind indicates a cold front along with cold air temperatures. Cold front have always affected shallow water bass. Wind mixes up the upper water column, wind protected coves are less affected. 

Based on the water temps the LMB may be in post spawn or late stages of the spawn, they are not moving very far away from the wind protected coves. Smallmouth bass tend to roam around at deeper depths, however if the coves have a lot of bass fry or other baitfish they will also stay around where prey is abundant.

Water temps dropping 8 to 10 degrees is a radical drop and the bass will move to find more comfortable water temps. 10 degree quick water temp drop can be fatal to bass, it definately affects them.



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Thanks for the information

                 I appreciate it


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