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need help with a trolling motor

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so the trolling motor i use is an original shakespear wonder toll i have no idea what the power on it is i am just wondering what size of battery i need to run this effectively for a whole day. i have used a smaller battery (from a snowmobile) it died 15 minutes into my trip a couple weeks ago. my gut tells me that a full size battery would be much better for it but my boat isn't the most spacious as some of you may have seen. any advice is appreciated maybe i would be good to make a tray for the battery to sit in front of my first seat that way the boat has a bit more weight to it as well. thoughts, concerns? 

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i have maybe the same motor for my 8' jonboat. I use a group 24 deep cycle. I picked mine up at acadamy for $50. It has lasted me well. I dont use it constantly either. More like a gas motor on bass boat. I motor to where i want to fish and drop an anchor or stake out. 

I didnt make a tray or anything for mine. I picked up some insulatuon for large hvac pipes that is about an inch thick to put in bottom of the boat to dampen sounds. I just set the motor on it in the center just under the motor.

I have a depth finder but it is on a small alarm system battery i picked up just for it. I have it mounted up front so i can see it better while fishing. 

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