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  1. z-man trick shotz or strike king dream shot
  2. what likely happens is the bass in these ponds are used to feeding on gills and smaller bait fish that are eating plankton and alike that live in the vegetation. without that vegetation the food sources might change or be harder to find for these fish, they will likely end up on some off shore structure, or roaming the banks which is what i see at a local place
  3. i agree i use my ml much more than my medium i throw a lot of drop shots and tubes on it my medium is reserved for senkos, shakey heads and underspins
  4. that can be true and false at the same time, they are much harder to locate since they are nomadic, they are more aggressive than largemouth generally speaking. Overall I personally agree they are more difficult to catch, which to me is one of the reasons KVD is an amazing angler as well as BP both cut their teeth smallie fishing finding the big schools and now can usually find largemouth with ease
  5. in what regard? it makes for a great leader material when throwing certain baits
  6. same here i really love gerald's approach, also really love his ballin' out jig's been fishing them for pretty much everything so far this year
  7. thank you i was actually looking for some comparison pics, whats the weight difference like?
  8. sounds like a rough winter a couple positives to take away 1) keep working with that left hand and you will potentially be able to fish more spots that you might not have been able to get a bait into before 2) you now have a built it baton in your wrist
  9. use them whenever you are downsizing your presentation for t-rigs mainly with 3" craws, senkos, small ribbon tails that sort of thing
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