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Big bass hunter

need help on the megabss islide 262

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So i got the islide 262 but im having a hard time of trying to figure out on how to use this bait i cant get a consistent walk the dog retrieve out it so far all ive been doing is a twitch twitch pause while slowy reeling at the same time.but im not sure what type of action im really looking for and. On a straight reel it does glide back and forth. But from what i read it doesnt get really bit. Also what are some hook option

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the slow glide is what you're looking for it is what the bait is designed to do. you should be able to twitch the tip of your rod and make the bait do a 360 or at least a 180 this can trigger strikes. the reason you are likely not getting bit is because it is a large bait which is normally only bit by larger fish. i think the stock hooks should be fine on it i wouldn't change them 

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I have not thrown the 262, but I do have the I-slide 185. The glide on the retrieve with the reel is the action you are looking for. You will get many followers with it. The key, I have found, to getting some of the followers to bite is this:

When gliding it with the follower behind it, make a fast turn & hard stop of the handle. This will throw slack in the line & make the i-slide turn about 270° around. Once it has stopped the turn, as soon as you start to reel it again, it will complete the 360° turn. This is where some of those followers will strike so be ready!

When you have a follower that will not strike it, mark that spot on your graph then come back a little later & throw a Senko or other plastic to where you spotted it coming from. You can bag a few more by doing this.

Hope this helps!

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