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Counterfeit Megabass Reels?

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As a Daiwa guy I've always been attracted to Megabass offerings but felt they were a little more money than I needed to spend. Lately I've been seeing what seem like pretty good deals from various Asian retailers and ebay sellers. In some cases the prices seem almost too got to be true, so I'm curious are there any known instances of Megabass reels being counterfeited? I found a little info on some faked MB lures but not reels. I figure if there fake Rolex watches and fine wine, then high end reels might be faked too?

In full disclosure, temptation got the best of me last night and I ordered a reel. Seller seems to be legit and offers a full refund if not satisfied but I'm worried I should've asked here first...

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Nothing is beyond being copied. I've seen everything from Fram oil filters, iPhones, to crank baits counterfeit. There is no reason to believe a fairly nice reel couldn't be copied. All you can do is research and use common sense.

One word of advice from a fairly old experienced guy. If your mental alarm.is sounding that something seems fishy. Like the price way below the going rate. It has a good chance of being a scam of some sort. If you can't afford to take the 100% loss don't gamble. 

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Buy a Daiwa and mod it yourself. Megabass doesn't have any magic. 

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I haven't heard much of the MB reels being counterfeited but that doesn't mean they are not. Hopefully you didn't spend too much just in case it is a phony.

With MB reels there is usually a small amount of tuning, sometimes a different spool, smoother retrieve, or lighter in weight due to CF handles and cork knobs. Plus add in the looks, paint job, and rarity and you have the collectors value there too.

The difference between MB and Daiwa might not be night and day to some and may not be worth the premium price but to some it is.

Hopefully your reel with be a genuine MB reel. Let us know what you find out when the reel shows up.

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