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What weight for swimbaits and spinnerbaits

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Hey guys so I went to the lake today and almost every single fish I found was suspending. I know that things like swimbaits and spinnerbaits can be really good for suspending fish. So I was hoping I could get some direction in what weights work well for different depths. For a swimbait, I typically throw 4.5-5.5 inch Keitech swing impact FAT. Today for example the fish were 10 to 15ft deep. I know you reel a swimbait slowly, but I dont want a weight that I have to barely turn the handle to keep it down so what would you suggest?


For a spinnerbait in this situation, what weight would you have thrown? I will typically be throwing double willow blades.


Also other than getting a bite with counting it down, what are some ways I can have a better understanding of how deep my bait is going when I am keeping it off the bottom like in today's situation?

thanks so much!

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Learn your rate of falls based on weight and lure buoyancy. For example a 3/8 ounce weight will sink faster with a strait tail worm than it would with a big thick water displacing craw. To get a swing impact to run at 15 feet you probably need a bit of weight if you don't want to reel it slow.  Start with 1/2 ounce and go from there. I would be throwing 3/4 or bigger spinnerbaits to hit those depths. Or you could drop shot with a long leader.

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3/4 oz. double-willow spinner would work fine at those depths.

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