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Dual bow units one console wiring question

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I currently have a hummingbird 858 DI unit on my bow and a 898 SI unit at my console, i want to purchase a 999 unit to put at my console and put both the 858 and 898 on the bow. I know if you put two transducers close to each other they will cross talk without enough difference in frequency. Is there a way to run both side imaging units off of one trancducer, i have both of mine linked right now with ethernet cables. I just bought the boat and when it comes to wiring fish finders and transducer placement and linking the units i am lost.

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Yes you can share a single SI transducer with two or more SI units using Ethernet. You just choose the source unit (the one the transducer is connected to) in the other unit's Ethernet menu. Download the Ethernet manual from the Humminbird website.

You can share the 200 kHz 2D from the 858c DI Combo with SI units also.

If you had all XX9 models, all Helix models, or XX9 with Helix models, you can share any of the sonar technologies.

If you want all three units to share data, that takes the AS ETH 5PXG Ethernet switch and an Ethernet cable between each unit and switch. The number of units you can share that way is unlimited.


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