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Heads-up for Minn-Kota Edge 45 and 50 users

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I was fishing this weekend and almost fell off the boat when my Minn-Kota Edge 45 trolling motor (standard on my Tracker Pro170) suddenly went to full power when I turned the motor 90* to port with the speed control set to "2".

When I got home, I took a look at the foot control and found one of the large power wires to the on-off foot switch was rubbing on one of the connections on the speed control rheostat.  The insulation had worn through and the power wire would short to the rheostat when the motor was turned hard to port, giving the motor full power.  I was able to easily fix the problem by simply bundling the wires to keep them from rubbing where they shouldn't; two small zip ties did the job.

If you are using a Minn-Kota Edge series trolling motor with the 5-speed foot control --I think it only comes with the 45 and 50 lb. thrust models-- you might want to take a look at the routing of the wires to be sure you won't have a shorting problem.

Tight lines,



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Thanks for the heads-up. I will have to kerp an eye on this. I have the 45 on my small boat and I step on the momentary button, is on the 5th speed, and its pointed left or right; I have to watch my balance to say the least. If what you described would happen, I would likely be swimming, lol. 

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Thanks for the heads up. I'm going to bookmark this. The 5 setting is hurkey jerkey enough. It must have been quite the suprise being on 2 then going to 5. 

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