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My grandpa and I were fishing a small lake in Northern Mississippi called Chewalla years ago. One of us caught a bass and had it in the boat and were trying to get the hook out. The fish came off the hook and we lost control of it and it started flopping around the bottom of the boat like crazy. In the process of doing this it knocked my grandpa's favorite set up out of the boat and in to the water. He quickly tied up a bare worm hook with the heaviest weight we had and started fishing around for it. On the very first attempt he hooked one of the eyes and was able to bring it back up. We continued our fishing trip and laughed about how lucky he was this day. To this day this is my favorite fishing story I have. 

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Mine is about a dear friend who, sadly, is no longer with us. We had gone fishing together on numerous occasions, but always from shore.  I was the first to purchase a boat and couldn't wait for the opportunity to take him with. As it turned out, we planned a trip to his grandfather's cottage on a branch of the Fox river.  The first time he hooked a fish he began stomping his feet in excitement as he fought it.  Here was this 6ft.4in. burly 35yr. old acting like a six year old that had never caught a fish before.  I laughed so hard and so long that I couldn't see through the tears in my eyes to land his fish.  He never let me forget it. Not laughing at him, but loosing that fish. 

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I remember when I used to fish with my dad (he didn't fish often) and he used to say it's good to just get out here.  Well....he wasn't the best of fishermen but had a great heart and was a good man.  But he kinda sucked at fishing so I think that's why he said that...will always remember that line.  He took up golfing and hardly ever went fishing again.  Hope he's catching them in the big pond.

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