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unhealthy pond bass?

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Hi everybody, theres a small yet very deep pond by me that has tons of bass in it and i have never seen anybody elses fish there. The only problem for me is that the bass i catch out of there are kind of hit and miss, one catch may be a big healthy female the next may be a shriveled up bass that can barely fight... heres a pic of an example 


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Is it public?  Is there a private owner?

If private, you might work out a deal with the owner to remove some of the unhealthy ones so others can grow.  Once they're stunted, they can't really recover, so the best chance is to leave the younger, fatter ones in and remove any that are stunted.  What size is the pond?  

This is a common problem in unmanaged ponds/lakes.  You will find some that out compete the others, but most will be stunted.  The only way to fix it is to actively manage the pond.  In some cases it can get so bad that you need to start from scratch.  Check out the lake management section of Bass Resource for much more detailed info: http://www.bassresource.com/lake-management/ 

If you really want to know how stunted they are, keep a log of length and weight of each bass you catch and compare the relative weight to the attached chart.  

Fish Wr Value.docx

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It is a private pond on the premise of a small over 50 community, its a rather small manmade pond, probably around 70x50 yards. However it is ridiculously deep, around 15-20 ft in the middle. Thanks for the helpful and informative answer

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