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Hook Lake - 8/8/2016

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Brother and I went out to the AEP ReCreation Lands today and hit up Hook Lake around 8:15am.

Didn't initially have much luck but later on with the Bomber Flat A I managed to hook myself one of these!


Flopped around quite a bit and then less and less. lol Bit of a pain in the ass getting the hook out of it's mouth. Good news is I didn't take too long and when I nudged it back into the water, it swam off. So HOORAY!

I'd wager it was about... 4-5lbs. Last night at Walmart I picked up some new wire - 15lb SpiderWire braid. It cast quite a bit farther than the 12lb mono Trilene. I'd say I had a few casts of the lures over 100ft and my brother right around that as well.  (I know a time-honored tradition is to fib a bit about the size of your catch - my guess is the fish was no more than a pound or two, not 4-5lb.  :D )

Here's the link to the album of all the pics we took - including the Miners Memorial which has my father's name on it! Larry Sampson - he mined coal out there for quite a few years.


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So is that officially fish #1? congrats.

I was trying to think of where I had heard of "AEP recreation lands" before, then I remembered this video I saw a few months ago:


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So jelly...  He hits tons of bass and such while my brother and I have spent days there and a sum total of two fish.  lol

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