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  1. 3/4 of the places I fish are very similar to your lake and have a nearly identical situation. @softwateronly's response about the jigs and jigworm are very similar to what I would have said. although I haven't tried a preacher jig or strolling thing yet.
  2. I try hard not to have go-to lures. While I own many individual lures that I don't use, or have never used, there are no lure types I own that I don't find at least semi-regular use for. I fish a variety of different waters that can have very different environments and that present very different presentation challenges. natural lakes of glacial origin, swampy bayous, flooded gravel pits, river and stream impoundments, and free-flowing sections of several rivers of different sizes and grades... Even the types of lures I don't use much have a time and a place. While there are some I use quite a lot -- senkos, hula grubs, jighead worm, paddle-tails, spinnerbaits, buzzbits -- I can't think of any single lure or even any list of, say, 5, that I could limit myself to and be truly satisfied fishing everywhere I like to go these days.
  3. Rented a pontoon for a few hours tonight on Gun Lake with Wifey for our Anniversary. Less a fishing trip than a cruising-around trip, but I brought some rods and got a couple on the Ned rig:
  4. Is it this Lake Ann? https://www2.dnr.state.mi.us/Publications/pdfs/ForestsLandWater/INLAND_LAKE_MAPS/BENZIE/LAKE_ANN.PDF Not familiar with it, but looks similar to other mixed-species lakes up in that area, with smallies around the sand/gravel areas, largemouths around weeds. Should be in post-spawn.
  5. gotta change your profile now
  6. Yeah, that should do it all right. Wasn't there a BASS Elites event on Mille Lacs several years ago where somebody (Ish?) caught one in practice that might have challenged the record, but they didn't think to check? I seem to remember that happening.
  7. A few before 10 today on "Lake 22", 15"-16", plus a few more under 12s. Speed worm and senko. Still seem to be battling some "post-spawn blues" here.
  8. The Michigan state Smallmouth record has got to be one of the most vulnerable state records for bass in the country right now. It has fallen twice in the last 10 years, after standing for over 100, and still just a hair under 10lb. Current state record holder is a guy from Florida who did exactly that.
  9. Come on now. Your "latest catch" is your latest catch.
  10. If I had just spent the last week driving 3000 miles, I'd probably still be in bed. I don't know how you do it.
  11. We've got 90+ highs forecast from Sunday through next Friday, and high 80s otherwise. Whew! I usually fish mornings anyway, though, often off the lake by 10, noon at the latest. Unless I'm floating a river, then it's a mid-day thing. A shady little place like this could be in the cards: Might be able to do one of each kind of trip next week.
  12. While I always knew what @A-Jay meant by it, I did spend some time trying to identify the lake featured in the Zona Live epsiode that was originally dubbed "Menderchuck". It was identified at some point in the comments of the video, and it turns out not to have a public access launch. That alone makes A-Jay's Lake(s) more worthy of the Menderchuck moniker, to my mind. EDIT: FYI, for those who haven't seen it, "Menderchuck" is first coined here at about 33:50.
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