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ReCreation Land expedition - 8/15/2016

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Well, today was an interesting day - and not for the right reasons!

Got up at 6 and my brother and I were on the road by 7 to hit up a few lakes/ponds we'd not checked out yet. 

We got out to our first waterbody around 7:30.  Look over in a tree and see three bright orange lures hanging from it about 35yards from shore - I know I'd be peeved if those were mine!  lol


Didn't get anything at that lake.  We also hear some thunder off in the near distance and decide to check out the next place.

By the time we get there, it's started to sprinkle a bit.  My brother puts his poncho on and heads over and starts using a shallow crawfish crank.  I think I bought one too light for our rod as we can't cast it as far as the other lures.  We see occasional surface strikes, but again - no bites.

By now it's about 9:45.  A storm is definitely on the way as we can see the front moving in, so we decide to head into town about 10mi away to a bait store and see what the local guy suggests while this storm works its way through.


Guy at the counter is quite knowledgeable and suggests some Zoom Swimmin Super Fluke Smokin Shad with a #3/0 weedless rig.  Since I haven't a clue how to do this, he kindly demonstrates and does the first one for me.  I also picked up some Venom 4" worms and a Rapala X-Rap Pop topwater lure.

By now, the storm has passed and it's about 10:45 so we head back out to the lakes. 

We returned to Bicentennial as there are a couple lakes around there.  We tried the swimbaits and cranks with no bites.  So we moved on to another lake and tried the shallow crank with, again, no bites.



Finally, we headed over to another lake we previously visited and tried the topwater, a deep crank and the swims - all with no success.

Got home around 3:30pm with, again, nothing to show for our efforts.  :(

Pics Album Link - https://www.flickr.com/photos/cybrslydr/albums/72157671571280382


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At least you got out and checked out some water.  That's something.

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Awesome place.  Keep at it.  There are plenty of big bass in those ponds.

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