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New Boat, Need advice :)

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I'm getting a new boat for my local lake, i'm putting a 30LB push electric trolling motor on the transom only due to it being electric only lake.

Not using a trailer, going to load it in the truck and keep it chained up at the lake.

Initially i was going to buy just a 12" jon boat used but i'm now conflicted since the used ones are 350 - 400 average in my area, some of them being 20 - 70 years old. I can get a brand new 12" tracker topper 1236 for $599 or i could go with the 14" tracker 1436 for $659.

Any advice would be amazing, it just feels weird trying to save 200-300 bucks and buying something 30+ years old rather than brand new.

Is it because the older models are higher quality? Also for Used i'd likely need to go with a V bottom since they're much easier to come by.

Here is one i'm considering for about $300 vrs the two new trackers above. 

PS: Will be fishing primarily with myself + 1 other person, some days possibly 3 but not often

Thanks in advance~




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Since you are not having to load and unload if from the bed of a truck, I would definitely get the 14".  That extra two feet is worth a whole lot more than the few dollars extra in room and stability. 

While a 30# TM will get you around, if it's a very large lake and you get much wind you might have problems.  If funds permit, I would also look at getting at least a 45#.   Also, no matter what you get, it will pay you to get a variable speed motor and not one of those with 4/5/6 selectable speeds.  I know the price tag bites but you will find they are well worth those extra dollars.  As long a you keep the speed about 1/2 way or less, they will give you a whole lot more run time, and with electric only, run time is critical.   If you try to run a TM on high, none of them are going to give you a very long fishing trip. 

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