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Ugly Stik GX2, time to upgrade?

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 I'm not new to fishing but I am new to buying my own equipment and lures. Everybody remembers that rod and reel they first used when going with grandpa, hell, I still have mine. Currently I only have 2 rods (old 5'6" Zebco, stout, no action, has to many memories to get rid of rod, and my "prized posession", 6'0" Ugly Stik GX2 M act.) , 4 Lews (3 Lews LZRH1 Speed Spools from walmart, and a Lews J. Christie..L something from wally world as well). In my location I only have a 2 acre pond and a handful of 10 foot wide creeks. I use braid on my lines so if I hook and snag a fish in heavy cover, I either, 1. Literally pull him out or 2. Pull him and the twig he's stuck on. But I'm at a little pond..so what cover? I typically fish light presentations with soft plastics. 

But let's get to it.

I want a better, nicer, more awesome bad A rod than both I have. I'd like to stay with the same action and length as the Ugly Stik. Utimately use the Ugly guy as a backup so I won't have to retie due to a broken line because the twig and bass was really a ROCK. 

My price range is between 150-200.

Also, do any of yall think I could acquire a used "higher end" rod for saaaaaay 15-20 packs of plastics, handful of frogs, 10 or so jigs, 4 or 5 spools of line, ALL NEW IN PACKAGE. 

Should I go new? Used? What model? So many questions when upgrading from something like a GX2......advice will be appreciated....

I think this post should've gone in the flea market but it was kind of like what should I do instead? Responses will be appreciated


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Get a Medium power fast action rod in the 7' range. I like the St. Croix avid X in the price range. I'm not sure if you want spinning or baitcasting...

I can't really speculate on what people will trade for a higher end rod but it's worth a shot. 

I have a Medium- heavy GX2...by far the worst rod I own. I never should've bought it, it's like casting with a 5lb dumbbell.

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I'd like to stay with a 6'0" rod, 7 foot would get hard to manage in the creeks where I go.

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