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Roboworm ReBarb Hook Rigging

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Thinking of trying those  Roboworm Rebabrb Hooks that were recommended.

Really want to use some hooks made of very light wire, and these were suggested.

I do mainly small pond fishing; small stuff.with plastic worms. Sizes 1/0 and 2/0 mainly.

Have always used hooks with the "offset" bend near the eye for plastics.

I see that these Roboworm hooks do not come with this bend.

Is this any "problem"  ?

What is, therefore, the correct way of rigging them on a worm (from the nose) ? 

I tried to find a good youtube video showing, in detail, how to do it, but could not.  Is there one ?

Thanks for all the help,


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I've been talking about this technique on here a lot. For me it has been so much more effective. When you fish these it literally takes zero skill. You just work your worm however you want until you feel pressure and just reel the fish in. It's that simple and it's totally weedless. I've tried tons of different hooks and I recommend the Gammy light wire worm hook in 2/0, 1, and 2 if you're going to fish those new Keitech leeches. 

Step 1: run down through the nose like a T-rig. 

Step 2: pull hook through the worm up to the eye of the hook 

Step 3: rotate the hook and find the place on the worm it needs to enter so it will run naturally

Step 4: texpose it right to the point you just feel the hook coming through

Step 5: go fishing 

If you run this with a 1/8oz weight you can fish it in any weeds up to the point of needing punch gear. 






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The Roboworm Rebarb hooks have a bait keeper on them.   I would rig the bait the same as above but with one exception.  After running the hook through the nose, remove the hook, then insert the hook through the hole you made from the bottom of the bait.   This keeps you from pulling the keeper through the bait and making the hole any bigger than necessary.      Always rig the baits as straight and flat as possible, helps prevent line twist.

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I started using the 1/0 Rebarb's a few months ago and am a big believer.  My hit and hookup rate rocketed up compared to the small EWG hooks I had been using.  For thinner/softer plastics, the ReBars are great, for thicker/harder ones, the 1/0 Troker finesse hook works better.  They both also seem to allow an unweighted/light weighted plastic to have such better action then a EWG which imho makes small plastics roll and not slowly flicker and twitch.  

The only downsides to straight shanks I have seen are an increase in snags and shorter plastic life.  The first is due to the hook having a much easier time punching out, so while you get better hookups on fish, you also get better hookups on sticks.  Lure life is the same thing, the hook point tears a much larger hole on a hit or catch and often the plastic runs up the line and is hard to re-set without damage.  

Both are totally worth it to me, the increased catch rate has been astounding. 

Also, try the 1/0 Roboworm hook is amazing on a weightless 3" senko.  It seems to catch anything, but you will burn through worms in a hurry. 

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Important: When rigging a worm with a straight shank hook like this, be sure to angle the hook point down, NOT STRAIGHT into the worm. (as in the third pic Mosster47 posted).  Reverse the angle when inserting it back into the worm.  Some guys like to run the point all the way through the top ad then back it down just past the edge.  I like to just break the skin. The way I set the hook, getting the point through the worm and into the fish's mouth Isn't a problem

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Roboworm Rebarb hooks are either Owner #5100 or Gamakatsu #49411 with a 1/8" dia shrink tube for a barb. The Rebarb holds soft hand poured finesse worms from slipping down the shank better than the metal barbs. If you are handy you can make your own by cutting the tubing at 45 degree angle on one end and shrinking the tubing down over the metal barbs, the angle cut sticks out to form the barb.

The photo illustration is good, except be sure the hook eye is into the worm nose sbout 1/8" covered by plastic.


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I always had a problem with the thin Roboworms tearing when rigging them with a conventional Texas rig.  A friend of mine uses the old style Mr. Twister Keeper hooks, which work really well in this combination.  The front "keeper" section of the hook is thin enough to stay in the slender Roboworm, it has multiple barbs to stay in place and doesn't tear up the nose like coiled keepers or traditional T-Rig hooks.  

It is old school hook in a new school worm...

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