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I need boat dimensions for 14' to 16.5'

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Hi guys. Right now i live in a house with a very limited space on one side. I think i can fit a boat and trailer in there if i fit it tongue in. I just need to know dimensions of 14 foot long boats because I know they are advertised as say 1448 meaning 48 inch wide but thats just the widest part. the space I have its wider in the entrance area and gets slim from there. Its not square. 

I had a 12' V boat before and I know I can fit one of those there but those boats are so unstable my wife wont get on it and shes scared to have our kid on it too. So Im forced( and happy about it) to buy a bigger boat than I had before. 


I need dimensions of not just the widest part of the boat but the front semi V of the 14' and 15' lowe and tracker boats and dimensions for the middle. I also need ideas and suggestions on how to move it in there tongue first. and move it out its kind of a slope and while Im very strong I dont know if its the best of ideas. 

I miss so much fishing tournaments. Fishing out of my kayak just doesn't bring the same emotions plus i can take my family with me!

Help will be highly appreaciated!!

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I think you are going to have to make the measurements yourself.  

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14' length

48" bottom width

Neither number gives you beam

Beam is the width measured across the top of the gunnels.

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If you look at a 1448 it is 14 feet long, 48 inches on the bottom and roughly 64 inches wide not including the trailer wheels, and any side boards. Here is the closest rig I think you will find http://alumacraft.com/Alumacraft-Boat.php?id=284 

A jon boat hull or a mod v hull will have more stability than a true V hull boat. The V is better cutting thru waves.  Unfortunately anything smaller than a 1448 or 1556 will not make your wife happy without being too wide for your storage ability.

The only stable boat I can think of that may meet your needs would be a Gheenoe. Take a look at them here

http://gheenoe.net/sixteenft.html  The rig can come with stick steering, 3 seats, a small engine and only weighs aroun 400 pounds minus the trailer and engine, That should meet the" easy to move around' element using one of these.  http://www.westmarine.com/buy/ce-smith--heavy-duty-trailer-dolly--3683273?recordNum=3      Actually if you have access to a metal fabricator and purchased some tires, a metal rod ror an axle and have him assemble one, it may be cheaper than to purchase commercially.

That is my only thoughts. Ordinarily you could simply buy a 16 or 17 footer but your storage spot eliminates it.  Good Luck let us know what you finally do. 

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My old Lowe 1648 Modified V jon boat was 15 feet, 10 inches in length (not including engine or trailer tongue) with a 70-inch beam, 48-inch bottom and a transom depth of 15 inches. Trailers usually run a bit wider in most cases than the boat beam because the wheels/wheel wells tend to stick out slightly wider on each side for better stability.


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