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Cabela's/ Maine lead ban/ FYI

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Hi all,

 I was up to Cabela's in Scarborough Maine this week, and was surprised to see they were still selling lead weighted tackle/jigs/hooks. Per info. I received from Maine dept. of inland Fisheries & Wildlife. Any Lead weighted tackle less than 1oz. or 2 1/2 " in length is prohibited from sale in Maine as of Sept. 1 this year, and prohibited from use Sept 1 of next year.

 I asked a sales person about this, and was told that as they had customers from non lead banned states visit their store, they could still sell tackle of this type.

I don't know if this is right or wrong ( I'm no legal expert) but I thought I'd let you know that if you visit this store ( and maybe others) you can't assume the weighted tackle you're  seeing is non lead. As a matter of fact they had very little non lead weighted tackle on their shelves.

 The law also specified " un painted lead tackle" but I'm told this is still some what of a gray area.



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I'm sure they have some non-lead-ban state customers come in, but most of the business to that store is going to be from 3 states...

NH, MA, ME....all of which have lead bans. They are selling the lead stuff because they are legally allowed to and know people people ignore the lead laws a lot. As more people transition over I suspect their inventory will reflect that, but slowly. 

Also, Cabelas has very questionable product selection in my experience. The one in MA would have every color rooster tail known to man 20 deep on the pegs, but would have a pathetic variety of Braid #test/yd (power pro/832) in stock at any given time, and a laughable selection of bass jigs. 

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