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fall jig ssuggestions

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im new to flipping and pitching jigs, whats your goto pattern for fall largemouth or small mouth?

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Around here the air and water temps have gone down drastically in the past couple weeks. I have had some major success dragging a 3/8 ounce football head jig with a rage tail craw for trailer. Just a slow drag and when you hit a piece of cover just give a few subtle shakes. I been fishing it slow and fairly deep. The water been pretty clear so I have been going with a green pumpkin. 14pound fluorocarbon so I can really feel the bottom contour. 

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If I had to use only a jig, Id be "casting" to drop offs and offshore rocky structures near the baitfish found on my lcr, with a 1/4 oz silicone skirted jig and pork, or a lighter hair version

For flipping and pitching? spring to fall is a much more viable time for these. (around here anyways)

Actually, my "go to" in fall is a suspending jerkbait, followed by a slower running colorado or indiana bladed spinnerbait, a topwater, then a few different jigs. Once I figure out whats working best? the other rods get put away, as the action can get hectic, and a clear and clean deck is a safer one.

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