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Another Shamano/ Daiwa question

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Applologies in advance for bringing up a much debated topic.

My budget is 250.00 +/- per reel

Looking for a jig real and a universal crank bait reel.

Can someone help narrow the search?

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving 


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That's a healthy budget for a good reel. Hard to wrong with either brand.  It really comes down to your preferences. 

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The Curado 70 and 200i are within your budget and I feel confident a little searching would produce a C14 for $250 or less as well.  I am a fan of the original Tatula Type R.  Prefer its looks to the new CT.  The Zillion TWS is also on sale for about $180.  The SV103 can be found for less than $230 and should make an excellent choice.  The T3 MX 1016 also makes the cut-off and I feel the MagForce 3D braking system is terrific.  I also happen to like engaging the reel by closing the cover.  Any of the above should work great.  Depends on if you have a preference for a certain braking system, and how they feel in hand.

Of these I only have the Type R  and T3 so can't make any comparisons. other than to say any $150-$250 reel will be very good.  It isn't either make, but I absolutely love my Primmus Xi HS.  The best set-and-forget reel I have.  My Curado 201E7 and Daiwa 50th Anniversary Zillion are close, but not quite as good in that aspect.  If you decide to save a bit of money, the Tournament MB at about $110 and the original Tatulas and CTs at $95 are fantastic bargains.

Should you decide used is also a viable option, there are many excellent buys.  Currently a $300 Lew's Pro Z for $180 on another forum.  Very nice reel.  How about a Revo MGX for $185 in mint condition?  Lots of guys want the latest and greatest every year or two so it is easy to find reels you like at a much better price than new.  I've purchased several like new reels this way.

Be sure to let us know what you decide.

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I have the Daiwa Zillion SV TW and would highly recommend it as a jig reel. I also use the Lew's BB1 Pro and BB2 Pro wide spool on several crankbait rods and would recommend those as well. I have a bunch of Shimano Chronarch's with some dating back to the 90's. They have always been a very solid reel and are one of my all time favorites. I would think if you are in the market for new reels this weekend is going to be a good time to pick them up, price wise. Some models sell out fast though.

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