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Suggestions for Beginner Baitcasting Rod

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I have used spinning rods for my entire life and have gotten very comfortable with them. However, I would like to upgrade and start to use baitcasting rods. Any suggestions for quality baitcasting rods for beginners?

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First welcome to the forum.  Second a budget is always appreciated.  Third, what techniques do you prefer?  Some good reading.


Personally my first pick for an all-around baitcast rod is a 7'-7'3" MHF.  Preferably one rated 1/4-1 oz. rather than a 1/4-3/4 oz. rod, but that wouldn't be a deal breaker.  The Fury and new Mojo have been getting recommended a lot lately.  I prefer to buy closeouts...or big sales...when buying new.  A rod I like a lot is the original Tatula series.  Look to Sportsman's Outfitters for some of the best prices.  In this case either the 6'10" MHF or 7'1" MH-XF.  I also am a fan of Fenwick rods.  The HMG is a nice place to start although with the HMG the 7' MF...1/4-3/4 oz. would be my first choice over the 7' MHF because of its 3/8-1 oz. rating as I like to occasionally throw a lighter lure than 3/8 oz.

Some store brands such as Carbonlite, Tournament ZX and Ethos get very good reviews.  Getting a very nice rod for $100 is a lot better possibility than it was just a few short years ago.

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I would recommend a st croix avid 70mhf.  This is not your first fishing rod and you get a taste of quality without braking the bank.  Its a great rod and not one that you will want to replace as soon as you figure out what is going on.  A great work horse rod sensitive enough for bottom contact and strong enough to frog in a pinch.

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