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I have used several, and I suspect you mean finesse drop-shot, because now there are "power drop shot" guys out there who use baitcast reels and fluorocarbon in the 10-17 lb. test range. I am not knowledgeable on the power drop shot stuff, but on lighter spinning gear, I do have experience. A good reel in your price range would be the Pflueger President. The online reviews are great and I have used one for that purpose with 8 lb. InVizX line and it performed VERY well. I have also used Shimano Symetres, but I have read the newer ones (post 2014?) are not as reliable, but I am not sure. If you use braid with a fluoro or mono leader, almost any spinning reel will work. If you are a straight fluoro guy, the medium-grade & higher-end spinning reels tend to have less line-twist issues. One BIG tip that I promise you will help you once you find bass: Do not move the bait much. Slide it slow, twitch/ bounce it lightly, and then let it sit motionless, repeat. The hook set is just a firm lift of the rod. HANG ON! :)

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I would reccomend the Pflueger Supreme (the $99 version).  The Pflueger President is a good spinning reel as well, but the Supreme has a faster IPT pick up, which I find important when drop shotting.

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