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1.  I read the pins and the locked topic regarding logins.

2.  I do NOT have ads blocking the login/sign-in/sign-up buttons

3.  I MAY have ad blockers in place, but I'm not admin and can't change them even if I do


I am unable to log in on one of my computers.  The buttons (sign-in and sign-up) are not blocked, but both redirect to homepage: bassresource.com...NOT to a sign-in window.   Sometimes, I can hunt around and find a different button (not the one in upper left...maybe from a button for flagging or messaging or something else...I don't recall.)  So, it is possible to login without changing ad blocking anything, but it is extraordinarily difficult and is NOT a problem for any other site or forum that I've found.


Sorry if any find this post duplicative or exasperating, but I believe it is different than the 'button-blocking ad' and other issues.  While turning off ****ing software/options MAY work for some; for others it is not an option.  Thanks.



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Go into any thread and near bottom of page there is a "sign in now" use that. If you dont already, when you sign in make sure "remember me" is checked so you stay signed in.

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