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Heading to Miami tomorrow for the day, have a couple hours to kill and would love to catch a Peacock bass

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Hi everyone,


As the title states, I am heading to northern Miami tomorrow for the day for work (from the Chicago area). I have never been to Miami but have seen / watched videos of Peacock bass being caught out of ponds, ditches, canals, etc. I'm going to have a couple hours to kill, and would love to fish for, and potentially catch a peacock bass. I will be in Northern Miami, but am willing to travel to a decent spot.


-Does anyone have any recommendations as to where to fish (either a specific spot or a general location / body of water)?


-Any recommendations as to what sort of bait to throw, I will be bringing my bait casting setup with a 6'6" MH rod.


-Do I need to use shiners, or can I use artificial bait? If I use shiners, how do you recommend I transport them, given that I will be using a rental car and will not have any live bait equipment with me such as a minnow bucket.


-If shiners are recommended, how do you suggest rigging them?


Like I said, this is my first time going to Miami and my first time targeting peacocks, so any additional information would be helpful.



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Good Luck, I work 30 miles north of Miami (Deerfield Beach), fish nearly every day and still have not caught a peacock bass.  Let us know if you find any.  

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Good luck on your quest! Peacock bass are on my 

bucket list, although I'm talking the Amazon giants.

I'd take a Florida strain, too, though :) !

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Small jerkbaits, crankbaits, and topwater will give you a chance at any of the exotic species living in Miami waters. The toughest part is usually access in N. Miami so use satellite images to make a list of spots. Check them for any signs of life and cover water in the best looking areas.

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