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The Frog Bite is ON! Finally!

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Located in S.E. Mich, fishing western Lake Erie shore. It was windy with a front moving in just south of us this afternoon. Started out with a Super Fluke, working it over submerged grass. Caught a couple on that, with the first one going about 2.5lbs. Moved to another spot as nothing else bit after the two Fluke bass. Next spot was at the mouth of a creek. I worked a spot that was set back from the creek channel with grass and Lilly pads. The bass were chasing shad so I started with a yellow Terminator frog and hooked a nice 3.5 pounder on the second cast. Missed the next two bites as the wind was really playing havoc with my line.


After a while they stopped hitting that Terminator so I switched up to a LiveTarget Field Mouse. I hooked one fish but he got off after wrapping me around some pad stems. Missed the next two on the mouse. I'm not real confident in the hooks on that bait. I usually don't miss bites with a frog. I switched to a Booyah Pad Crasher and proceeded to catch two more quality fish.


I didn't get pictures of all of the fish caught but here's the ones that I got.





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Nice fish.......gotta love that top water action

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Nice Fatties ~ 

The frog bite is definitely worth waiting for.

And I know what you mean about the wind blowing the line around while trying to fish a frog - sometimes it can be a real PIA.

I'll try to cast straight down wind when I can to keep it from blowing the line under the pads - I hate that !

I would cast into it too but I'm a hack and I'd blow up every reel I have




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heck yea top water is the best . guaranteed to increase the heart rate! hard to leave and go home when catching them like that.:)

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