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quantum smoke HD vs shimano curedo 200I

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Fortunately for you I currently have both! Ill start off by saying that both reels are awesome reels! Ill make this as simple as possible by listing only pros of each reel because I can't really find any negatives, only then the low 12lb drag on curado.


Curado I 

- no play in handle means its very smooth

- more features for breaking system


Smoke HD

- 25LB of drag is unreal and smooth 

- palms so nice 

- casts double the distance as Curado I and Citica I

- feels strong when cranking handle


Those are my main points, it is all opinionated so take it how you will. The Curado is cheaper atm because T.W has it on sale, but if you really want a reel that can pull your boat for you and don't mind spending a little more, get the smoke. You will not be disappointed. 


Shoot me a DM if you want more info on the two and more of what I think buddy.

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Curado, only because I'm not a fan of Quantum. I find Shimano's build quality to be among the best, whereas I've experienced issues with Quantum's finish peeling off. 12lbs of drag is plenty. Many of my reels have 8-10lbs and even double digit fish can't peel line off. Shimano just makes a better feeling reel IMO. Oh, and I'm in love with the X-Ship system Shimano uses. The extra support on the pinion gear is a HUGE plus for me.


BTW, don't ignore Daiwa either. They make some really awesome reels.

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Quantum's do cast a long way!

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