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Frog rod - 7'6" Heavy Berkley Shock?

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Hi folks, 


I'm looking for a frog rod and don't want to spend too much; as I don't think sensitivity is a huge issue with frogging.  I would also use it for my Whopper Plopper 130's.  


I was thinking of the 7'6" Heavy Berkley Shock, but I can't find it on Walmart's website, and they don't have it at my local Walmart which normally charges around $40 for Shocks; other retailers charge $59 for it, and at that point I might as well upgrade to an Abu Veritas or Vengeance for $69 or $79.  Have you guys seen that size shock at your local Walmart?  


Do you guys have any thoughts on this rod?  I would pair with 30-50 lb braid and my Daiwa Tatula CT.  I know 50 lb would be better, but I have 30 already. 




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I own one. It's nice. I use it for punching and also hard body swimbaits 1.5-2.5oz. 


I've had it for awhile and just recently put a Lew's super duty on it. I only have 150 in the whole thing and it's awesome.. 

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I really really really recommend the Abu Garcia vendetta I have and it's a great rod for the price.

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