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Joshua Beaver

So let's make a day of it...

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I've been fishin all my life and only in the past 6 years did I really get into catching bass. While trout have always put up a good fight for me, you don't get the spectacular blow ups of bass. It's also great when you actually have to actively fish for instead of just dropping a hook and bait in the water and waiting, though it is always an option too. My malfunction you may ask? Well, while fishing alone can be a very peaceful time to think and reflect on recent event, it gets old quick. I have no one in my repetoir of friends who bass fish, in fact very few of my friends fish at all. I live in Fayetteville, P.a. and I'd like to find a fishin buddy or two just to make things interesting and maybe come up with a bet once in a while. Granted I'm not the best bass angler out there, but isn't a little friendly competition always healthy. 

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