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Rig a Jig (trailers)

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Hi All,


All this new bass fishing tackle is fun... About two weeks ago I tried a chatterbait for the first time with great success.


Yesterday was my first time out with a SK jig and a SK Rage Craw trailer. I was removing part of the body to make sort of a "chunk" style trailer. 2nd cast and *yee haa*, a 2-1/2 lb LM! How exciting.


So now I'm wondering if I rigged it correctly (i.e., despite the number of bass caught). I threaded the body of the craw onto the hook shaft, all the way up to the jig's head. This is "one" way that obviously works "BUT" can the trailer or chunk type trailer be hooked just into the "bend" of the hook instead? I had a good deal of keeping the bait tight to the head because the jig had no "keeper" there.


I'm sure many of you have been there, done that, caught the fish, and got the tee shirt.

Please share your experiences and what works for you! Thanks!


Regards - Freddo

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Can it be done? Obviously so if you did it and it worked! :D 

Now it would probably be a more consistent/cleaner presentation if you threaded it onto a jig with a keeper

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