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Frogging in water chestnut

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So I found this new spot on the lake. Along the bank there are about 8 or so really nice spots to fish from. 3 of them are nice and clear,so I can throw swim jigs,wakes and any treble hooked baits.The "fun" spots are loaded with water chestnut mats. I have been trying to frog in them and have gotten a ton of hits(not going under,just being poked at) so I cant get a hook up. I was reading that under the mats are just as big of a mess as what is on top of the water. For those of you that fish this type of vegetation,am I wasting my time triong to frog in this or am I better off trying to pitch a weighted beaver style bait to get in the heart of the junk. I have never had trouble hooking up in pads and floating milfoil,so I was kind of thinking that the bass may not be able to get to my frog cleanly enough to choke it down. What do you think?

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Try adding sime weight to your frog a couple sinkers in the body will help it sit lower in that mat and help you hook up

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Fishing horny toads over thick weed mats is one of my favorite ways to catch bass. If they want it they'll get it. I have had more than one occasion where the "bass" that repeatedly slap at the bait but never quite eat it turn out to be gar. You might be encountering this.


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