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muskoka frog fishing

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So I went up to the family cottage this past weekend of course with the intent of fishing as much as possible. so I rig up some rods Friday night when I get there, setting up for a day of cranking and jig fishing maybe skipping docks too. Saturday was a very frustrating, I spent 8 hours on the water and only caught 5 fish the biggest on a 1/2oz jig with a zoom chunk, the conditions were blue bird skies basically a completely post frontal day and the only way I could catch fish was to slow down, ned rig, jig, ribbon tail worm but of course I didn't do that I threw deep diving cranks most of the day. I was a little disappointed to say the least but Sunday made up for that, Sunday i get on the water at 8am for a couple hours before I have to leave. I decide to lock a frog in my hand and cover pad beds. my frog of choice was a black spro popping frog now I wasn't sure this was the right colour but I stuck with it. about 15 minutes into frogging my first pad bed I knew it was the right colour. I get a blowup from a nice 3lb fish the frog stuck in her mouth from there on I covered water with the frog and landed 9 more fish in the next hour and a half, which built a ton of confidence in a frog and made my weekend worth it. I realized on the way home that I was being too stubborn on Saturday throwing what I wanted and not what they wanted to eat, I need to be a little more aware of this on the water and not run around too much. overall I'm really looking forward to getting back up there 

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