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Is that StrikeKing Bottom Dweller Spinnerbait any different than any other 3/4 & 1 Oz bait. I saw them using it on Major League Fishing , They said it was made where it stayed upright & didn't lay on its side like others ? Making it very weedless . GodBless & thanks a Million.

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Most spinnerbaits should stay upright on the retrieve assuming they are running true. If not, you can bend the head of the bait to one side or the other to make it run straight. 

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The Bottom Dweller features Razr Blades which are thinner, narrower cupped blades that don't cause as much resistance.

Because of that, the blades have less “lift,” and the bait stays on or closer to the bottom than conventional willow leaf spinnerbaits.


When I fish these baits, the heavier models allow me to fish deep & fairly fast while still maintaining decent bottom contact.

When presented on the right gear, these bait will fish effectively as deep or deeper than all but the most magnum crankbaits but are a whole lot less fatiguing.  So that makes them a decent option.


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When a spinnerbait is leaning to one side it is very seldom caused by the wire form being off. The biggest cause is the blade size is too large for the speed of the retrieve. The easiest way to know is by slowing the bait down, if you slow the bait down and it is upright then you know the blades are too large to go too fast with it. Most spinnerbaits on the shelf are what I call "all purpose" baits, they use a larger blade set to optimize flash and vibration but if you reel them a little faster than a casual cranking speed the torque from the blades will pull the bait to one side. The bottom dweller has thin blades as A-Jay already mentioned, the thin blades don't create as much lift or torque so you can fish them along the bottom without having to slow roll because the bait will not lean or get too high off the bottom because of the reduced torque. If you use a standard 3/4oz or 1oz spinnerbait you'd have to slow roll it to keep it down and from leaning because the blades would create much more torque and lift, the only way to compensate would be to use a size or two smaller blades which would cost you much needed flash when fishing them deep.

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