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Having a dealer add an electric winch onto a new boat trailer?

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If someone was to buy a new Ranger 621FS and wanted to have the dealer add an electronic winch, would/could they? Is this a normal request?


Just wondering in case I go this route someday as it would be a boat for the long term and it's a large boat, and some of the ramps I use are extremely shallow causing you to do a lot of winching and many places power loading isn't allowed, plus I don't like disrupting the bottom if I don't have to. Also, as I get older, winching a huge boat onto a trailer only gets harder not easier.   


I looked at Ranger's website and didn't see anything about electric winches being an option. Is it an option from Ranger?


I also read that you'd have to wire your truck to to run the winch. Isn't there a way to run the winch into the trailer wiring so that all you have to do is plug in your trailer like normal? Because if you have to wire it into your truck and go fishing but don't use your truck your winch won't work. 


Also, would this void any type of warranty?


Any other factors I should consider?



Anyone know the answers to these questions? Thanks in advance. 





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The only way you'll know for sure is to talk to your boat dealer.  Any auto mechanic shop could probably do it also but you'd have to contact them to find out about it.

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You are going to need wiring capable of withstanding 40-60amps possibly more. If you have a 7 pin connector on your tow vehicle, you can add a 7 pin connector to the trailer. The black wire is 12v power from the trucks battery and the white is the ground. These should be #10 wire and large enough to handle the load. Depending on the tow vehicle, you may need to connect wiring at the battery or add the correct fuse in the terminal block.

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