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Guest Lynchburger

Has anyone posted a "How to switch to braid" tutorial thread?

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Guest Lynchburger

Anyone know of a "go to" thread or article outlining everything I would need to know about switching my baitcaster and spinning outfits from mono/copoly to braid?  I'm 100% ignorant when it comes to braid. Don't know how to shop for it, how to handle it or how to fish with it (with or without a leader).  Was hoping there might be a stickied thread for this sort of topic.  Thanks.

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Wise choice!

start with the search feature

when I have a few minutes I will post some links.


For spin gear I am rigged with 10# 832......Many here use 832, PP, Gamma Turque.  There are a lot of good options

Use mono backing for half the reel and finish with braid. I put 75 yards on.

spool off the top of the spool and spool it tight.  There are many videos on the subject most from this site or members there if.


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5 hours ago, bigturtle said:


Best one out there imo and exactly what I was going to post.

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