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Falcon Bucco 7'4H Review

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First I would like to say that this is an unbiased review and I paid retail for all the equipment used (minus the baits, memorial day sale). I was in the market for a new jig rod. One that I would use to throw 3/8 and 1/2 ounce jigs, my favorite way to fish. Previously I had used a lews tp1 speed stick 7' mh. And while this rod was good at the task I had asked it to do, I felt like I could get a better rod (for me and my style of fishing) for roughly the same amount of money. So I went out of my comfort zone and purchased the Falcon Bucoo SR 7'4H. Slapped on one of my tatula ct reels and spooled some 50lb braid. This rod has performed flawlessly in the time I have fished it. I have only thrown the jigs+trailers listed previously in the post. The rod itself is very lightweight and balances well with the reel I have mounted on it. It is approximately 80% backbone 20% tip. Which I really like. Since I've rambled on enough I Will list the pros and cons now. 



-the rod looks good, nice matte gray color, not too flashy.

-build quality is great. Guides were all aligned. Epoxy work was quality.

-good hook keeper. Not sure what it's called but it's the kind you don't have to remove your plastic from your hook to hook it on.

-although I prefer cork, the Eva foam grips are firm and not slippery like some other eva I have used.

-physical weight. Much lighter than my other heavy or medium heavy rods.

-soft tip, strong backbone. What I want when I'm throwing a jig.

-price, just over the $100 Mark at full retail. I would've paid $175 for this rod.

-versatility, if needed I could use this rod for Texas rigs, spinnerbaits, swimjigs, and chatterbaits. I especially think it would be a great swim jig rod.



-eva foam grips (personal preference)

-gray grips, could get dirtier faster if you like to keep your stuff squeaky clean. (doesn't bother me)

-rod power, although I think I have found my perfect budget jig rod, I did feel like this heavy was more of a mag medium heavy.

-price, just over $100 Which could turn some budget fisherman away.

-not made in America, falcon was known for this and this model was the first one to be made outside of the US I believe. 


All in all I feel like I got a good deal on a great rod. I do not regret my purchase and more than likely will purchase another falcon product when needed or my wife isn't looking. If anybody is curious about this rod or has any questions don't hesitate to send me a pm or reply id be glad to help someone out. 

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Got a 7" medium casting and love it. I would purchase another without a second thought.


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I am planning on picking up a 7ft mh moderate fast for square bills and traps. 

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