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  1. I hunt Indiana and its Hard to beat a 30-30 or 20 gauge for deer. Both are accurate past 100 yards (I have made farther under perfect conditions) and have great knock down power and are readily available. Also with the right gun, a barrel change in the 20 gauge and youve got a good clay pigeon, turkey, dove, home defense gun. My personal suggestions would be something like a Henry lever action 30-30 or a Remington 870 20 gauge or mossberg 500. Another really really fun route you could take is to get an ar-15 style rifle, buy a 300 blackout upper for deer hunting and use the .223 upper for target shooting and small game like coyote. With the release of two pins the uppers can be switched out. That may be a rabbit hole you dont wanna go down unless you really enjoy shooting/spending money
  2. "Launch" is in pike county. Fish anywhere in the state.
  3. Poehleins Big bass tourney was yesterday. We finish with 19lbs. Not a great finish. Never could put a decent bite together. Rules are 6 fish limit, 3 under 18"
  4. i have the 7'6 medium heavy tatula rod and it is great. Super sensitive and very versatile. I use 50lb braid to a 15lb leader for dragging jigs and Texas rigs as well as throwing Carolina rigs. It handles up to 3/4 ounce jigs well. Look at sportsmans outfitters for a cheaper price on that tatula btw. I got mine for 109
  5. I own this rod and it fills the niche of throwing square bills and medium divers well. No complaints here.
  6. I'm from around Evansville. Not too far away. Welcome to the forums.
  7. Have a terex and micro magic. I use them as cranking and moving bait rods. They are too soft/moderate for me to use as bottom contact rods. They are light weight and balance well though.
  8. 3/8 and 1/2 oz is a 7'1 MHXF daiwa tatula with 50lb braid and a 15-20lb big game leader. 1/4 ounce is a 7' mh duckett micro magic and 15lb big game. 3/4 is a dobyns 735 with 65lb braid or a 7'6 medium heavy daiwa tatula with 20lb big game. Depends in cover and clarity
  9. Guess you are talking about duckett? Only know a few guys that use them. Boyd duckett, jacob wheeler, gary Klein, amd timmy Horton. They use them because they are the rods that have the potential to make them the most money.
  10. The 7'1h should make a great frog and pitching rod.
  11. I fish a 7'6 medium heavy for jigs and don't find it to be overly stiff. Very nice rod for the money. I would say you are right on the money with what rod you want to throw 1/2 ounce frogs. Would also make a good pitching rod
  12. Second the raised surface comment. Another tip I tell others is to only use your wrist as the pivot point for the rod, dont put your whole arm into it. Like anything, start short and work your way out with practice and time. My average pitch is around 10 yards, but sometimes pitch up to 20 if need be. I like a 1/2 ounce jig with full size craw trailer. (Rage craw, menace, pit boss)
  13. I only fish a leader on spinning rods for line handling issues of mono or fluoro main line on a spinning rod. For the first time in over 5 years I am also fluorocarbon free.
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