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  1. I appreciate the help. I wish I could store the boat indoors as that would certainly help. I plan on taking a look soon and reporting back
  2. if you are trying to bomb cast and need the max distance possible, Curado dc. if you want a solid heavy duty reel, Curado k tatula is a great reel two and I love it. id go with the Curado k in an 8.5:1
  3. I think my dad would have one. My boat is at the lake and he is at home. Im at school right now too haha. my plan is to go home tomorrow and get the boat ready and likely end up taking it to the shop.
  4. glad to see my thread is still active. After recording that video of a huge bass attacking a large trout, I will be throwing a trout swimbait in search of bass in the coming months after opening day.
  5. The battery is new. I took the boat to a reliable bass boat shop and they told me something is slowly draining the batteries. It has trouble starting after not running it for two weeks. The electronics are run to a separate battery. When I disconnect everything after use manually, it seems to start just fine after.
  6. I have an 07 Triton VT19. Boat has dual PowerPoles in the back and a 90 hp Optimax. The motor has never had any issues and always runs great. I have had some issues with my cranking batteries dying out on me. I am not sure if the powerpoles or other switches are constantly draining or what. I also need to replace the onboard charger and at least one of the motor heads on the powerpoles. Any thoughts?
  7. I regularly tow my 19' triton in my 2007 fj cruiser for long distances around 3 hours. It has no trouble towing at high speeds. The only two issues that make me nervous are stopping fast and speeding up to merge onto the highway. With that being said, I am a very alert driver. I have yet to have any major issues. When I drive over 4 hours, I use an F-150. also, When I moved to school this year (4 hour drive), I had my boat and all my stuff, gear, dressers, bed, etc and I had no overheating issues when I arrived. Edit: Want to add that fj cruisers and tacoma have the same engine.
  8. top one is an oar lock if it has notches, it may be a rod holder mount
  9. took my boat out for the opening day of trout season here in PA. When I went to turn the trolling motor, it wouldn't move at all. It still turned on, just wouldn't rotate. Was able to still able to steer with big motor. Any idea what is wrong and how to fix it?
  10. will Lowes or Walmart do this? Not a lot of other options here at school
  11. have a 2007 Mercury Optimax hooked up to an Optima Blue Top Cranking battery. Used the boat all summer and had no issues. Took the boat to school and it sat for about a month. Boat wouldn't trim or start when I took it out. I charged it up a few times and it would run. Every time it would sit for a little while, the battery would not be charged. I took the power poles and disconnected them. That seemed to work ok; however, now the only thing I believe is hooked up to the battery is the motor. It keeps dying on me. Half the time I've wanted to take it out the motor won't start. Engine is in great shape as well.
  12. my mistake, I am using a Humminbird transducer on my trolling motor. It sits right below the universal one which isn't plugged in as far as I can tell
  13. Thanks for the help anyways. I will mess around later in case you are on to something. I did use alligator clips which is far from ideal as I didn't have the chance to wire them correctly prior to a trip last year.
  14. it is attached to the right side of the back transom and is connected to a separate electronics battery
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