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Fluorocarbon color change

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I use 17 lb seaguar invizx fluorocarbon on my main texas rig and jig setup. When I first put it on, it looks as a fluorocarbon should, as it's transparent and shiny. However, I've noticed on multiple occasions after fishing with the setup for a few trips, I notice the line becomes almost kind of translucent or even opaque, and when i pull the drag, it digs down into the spool rather than coming off easily. I store my rods in a cool dark place so I wouldn't think that too much light or heat has anything to do with this. I would like to know what is happening and how I can prevent or fix it

Thanks and have a good day

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End for end it.

In other words walk the line off the spool to get to the bitter end and then put what was on the top on the spool first.

You'll then be fishing 'new' line.

While re-spooling it - put it on under a little bit of tension, otherwise when you pull drag, it may dig in.


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InvizX 15lb is my plastics favorite and I have not had a problem during the season.  Barring the occurrence of a professional over run (birds nest), it stays on for the season.

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