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Cleaning Up Waters Idea

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Having seen so much trash around my local waters especially in the Potomac, I've been thinking of ways to try to involve the community to help clean up more. As a high school student I really want to try to keep the fisheries as clean as possible. I'm not sure whether I should try to pursue this idea so I wanted to get some feedback. Here is my proposal:


-Create a Facebook group/page for the organization

-Have people upload a video on the page on the water or on the shore with a bag or few items of trash that they collected.

-Once they upload the video enter them in a  giveaway of free baits and other fishing gear (I would probably have to ask companies or have people donate baits to use in the giveaway)

-Randomly select a winner monthly or maybe bi-weekly


Now this is just a brief idea of mine and just wanted to hear from other fishers whether they would be interested. It's a win-win as our waters can be kept more clean and those who are in need of fishing gear have a chance of getting it for free. Even if people try to take a video of their own trash, hey at least they aren't leaving it out.

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The Potomac River Smallmouth Club already is doing conservation efforts including river cleanups. You should contact them.

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BASS and FLW clubs clean up rivers and lakes from time to time.


Check with your state's federations for both organizations.


You can find their links at the top of the page under Links.

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Sounds like a good idea.

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