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Critique my setup(s)

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Spinnerbait Rod;
St Croix BassX 3/8-1oz MH/F
Shimano Curado 200 H
(30 lb Braid)

Flipping/Pitching/Frogging Rod
Daiwa TeamDaiwaS Flipping Stick - Heavy/Fast (I think.. cant remember, its at the trailer right now)
Shimano Caius 200
(40lb Braid)

St Croix BassX 3/8-1oz MH/M
Shimano Citica (2016 model I got on clearance)
14 lb copolymer (never tried this rod yet but the guy at the local tackle shop recommended it)

G Loomis E6X JWR M/XF
Shimano Stradic CI4+ 2500
30lb braid with 10lb fluoro lead



St Croix Mojo Bass 7'6 MH/Mod Fast

Pfleuger Supreme

15lb fluoro



I feel like this season I'm learning too many new techniques all at one and applying color patterns to match water clarity. 90% of the fishing I do is from the shore. If you think something would work better on another rod/reel combo set up please let me know!

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That St.Croix Mojo set-up is also a good choice for spinnerbaits, if you use braid.  The combo you have listed for spinnerbaits doesn't have enough give, IMO, to let the fish suck the bait in.  A simple switch from braid to fluoro in the 15lb range would be one way to go.  The way you have it set up now, it could double as a jig/worm rod.  Switching reels with your swimbait rod is another.

Don't over burden yourself with a lot of color decisions.  Think dark for off colored to low visibility water and light for clear to stained water.  if you feel like you're trying too many different things, leave all but one or two techniques home and just concentrate on them. Maybe one finesse and one power presentation.

Good luck and most importantly, have fun.:happy-102:

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Looks good.

Only modification I'd recommend is on your 'swimbait' designated rig.

If you're hurling full size swimbaits, that rods might be a little under gunned.

And regardless of swimbait size,  I'd definitely boost your line test up on that rig to 20 lb.


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I would recommend that you throw spinnerbaits on your crank/chatterbait set up and use your spinnerbait set up for weighted soft plactics and jigs. Add a flouro leader to the jigs and soft plactics.

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