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I have been fishing a 3.8" Keitech Swing Impact Fat about 25% of the time this year. I am considering a rod/reel specifically dedicated to throwing theses baits. I typically use a light wire 3/0 hook, either an Owner Twistlock Light, or a Gamakatsu EWG. I like the lighter hook because the baits have a better action and last longer, not to mention the hook up ratio. I typically use a lead 1/8oz bullet weight in front. pegged about 50% of the time. I may try some 3/16 1/8 and 1/4 oz tungsten and 3/0 light twist hooks pegged. that seems like the best to me. Any advice on how you fish keitechs is awesome!


as for rods and reels, I currently use a 7' M tournament zx and a 3000 ci4 fa with 15 lb braid and an 8lb leader. I want to use that rod for wacky rigs and tubes, and the reel for drop shots until i get a 2500.


I was thinking of getting a 7' Medium Zodias spinning or a 7' medium Duckett micro magic. and getting a 2500 and switching that reel with my 300 on the other rod.


I like how the zodiac and ci4 are made of the same material, making it a great combo. the duckett is a sensitive rod and is only 100$ i am scared of the micro guides because it isn't the pro. no line to line knots then. 


My other thought was a 2016 Shimano Scorpion 71 in a 7.2:1 or 6.2:1 or a Shimano Curado 71. I was thinking of the Major Craft Nanoace 7' ML. Would use 12lb seaguar infix as my line of choice.


what do you think?

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I fish that sixe kietech on a medium spinning rod mostly for smallmouth. legend tournament 7ft medium with a stradic 2500 15lb braid 8-10lb flouro leader. so any of the options you mentioned should be fine.if im not fishing much cover like for river smallmouth I just use a jig head and fish the hook exposed which makes your hooking percentage fantastic.

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I fish them on a Sierra 703 with a 2500 Daiwa BG and to me its about perfect. Oh I use 10 lb 832 to a 8 lb mono leader.


I am fishing for river smallies.

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