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Shasta Lake Fishing Report 12/15/2017

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Went out with a buddy of mine Friday morning.  We got on the water at 9 and headed back in at 1.  Launched out of Jones Valley.  To my surprise there were about 10 rigs already parked along the ramp.  We headed way up the Pit arm of the lake and settled on an inlet filled with trees.  I starting fishing using a drop shot roboworm, while my buddy was fishing grubs.  I instantly hooked up on a small bass, jigging my rig right at the base of a tree.  By the end of the day, I had caught 10 bass, while my buddy ( who refuses to drop shot) only landed 1.  We missed about as many strikes as we landed and saw trout chasing our baits several times.  I found most of my success was deep, in the 35-50 foot range and the water had a cooled quite a bit since my last trip (54.5 degrees).  I landed 5 keepers, with three nice spots, 1 at 2.5 lbs and the other two right at 2 lbs.  I have two pictures, but my buddy was not in the mood to take a third picture of me, haha.




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I like that lake......

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10 hours ago, Oregon Native said:

I like that lake......

Me too!

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