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Hoping you guys can help me out with some advice here! Keep in mind here that I have only purchased 1 of these rods and 2 of the reels, everything else was obtained through hand me downs from family or friends. I have three baitcasting setups and 1 spinning set up and really only want to carry 4 setups but I could eventually add a 5th. Only have four setups so I know they will all be used for multiple applications I am not knowledgeable enough yet to determine what I would use each for and what line to place on each.


Dobyns Fury 7’2 Heavy fast (more like MH)

Daiwa Tatula CT 7:1 I believe

Lews MH fast 6’10 with lews 7:1 speed spool

powell nusance 7’0 Mh mod fast cranking rod

Incept 6:6:1

fenwick 6’6 medium fast spinning rod with a shimano Sedona 



Thanks in advance!

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@nebkan, I almost hate to post this, because I can't recall the author, nor can I find the original post.  But the BR member did share it publicly here, and IIRC, most here thought it very well done, even if there were some very minor quibbles.

If anyone remembers the 'owner's BR nick, please shout him out here for appropriate credit.

Bass Fishing Set-Ups.png

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I carry 6 to 7 combos with me (I rigged a crate with rod holders and the kayak has 2) when there's a possibility of many techniques and I think before long, I'll be using braid on all of them. If I need a different kind of line, I'll use a leader. You can make up for the lack of line stretch by using a lighter power and action rod. That said, you can make it simpler by using a M power rod for trebles and MH for single hook presentations. The only Heavy rod I have is specifically for frogs. Longer rods for longer casts, shorter for shorter casts. There are exceptions like using a longer rod for pitching/flipping. BC combos for heavier lures and spinning for lighter lures.


If you only let me carry one all-around combo it would be a 7' MH / M-F sensitive rod with a high speed reel because you can always reel slower. That's the combo that will do the most. I'm actually almost finished replacing all my BC reels with retrieves in the 7._:1 range.

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I normally bring only 3 setup when on kayak, a fluke, chatterbait and top water. 

If I were you and had those 4 setup, this would be how I would use them.

1. 7'2 H/F, flipping jig, frog, punch rig.

2. 6'10 MH, this would be all purpose set up, jig rod

3. 7'0 MH/MF, moving bait like chatterbait, spinnerbait lipless crank.

4. 6'6 spinning, this would be for all soft plastic/finesse rig, Senko Fluke wacky rig, lite Texas rig, Ned rig 

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Kind of like Reel ess said.....I follow the same general line of thinking.

I carry 4 rods,,,,,


One M/Mod for cranks and jerk baits......could also use it for smaller spinners

Two MH/Fast for jigs, plastics, spinners, buzz etc.  These rods are versatile and you could probably use them for anything

One H/Fast  for topwater frogs, swimbaits, whopper ploppers, big spinbaits and sometimes big jigs for punching weeds.


I also use braid for all of them......I don't want stretch when I set the hook since I'm in a kayak and my base isn't that solid......IE the kayak moves!  I pick my braid on line diameter I'm trying to match not strength.

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