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Best value for Bassbaby medium duty trolling motor battery?

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 Every few years my interests change and I either am 100% into fishing or 100% into hunting/shooting sports. It's weird, I just go cold turkey and have little interest in the other until I switch back. I'm feeling the fishing bug coming back and will need to replace my 4 year old Walmart group 27 battery. 


My boat is an 8' BassBaby with a Motorguide Bulldog (40 lb thrust?) 12V system. I don't run long distances on high - if I do it's usually no more than 15 minutes each way. I sometimes might slow troll crappie jigs for an hour or two, but always on the lowest setting so assume I'm not using a lot of juice. I've always bought group 27 size batteries out of fear of running out and being stranded but don't really know how low I ever discharge them. I'm good about putting it right back on my charger when I get home.


I'm wondering if I can get away with a smaller, lighter battery like some of these group 24 size AGM (sealed) batteries? Or something else besides these Walmart ones I'm replacing every 2 years?

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What kind of charger are you using? If your battery is only lasting 2 years and you charge it regularly, you may need to upgrade your charger. I use Walmart batteries and the one I just replaced was 7 years old. Charging it properly and not overcharging will make it last a lot longer than 2 years. I would not go smaller than the group 27 you've been using. 

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Battery technology is evolving at a rapid pace. I guess I was hoping to see some interesting options in the trolling motor area but my research is suggesting the same old group 27 lead acid options are still the main option right now (aside from 600+ dollar options)

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