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Thanks fishnkamp

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Not for me. For all the effort you put into helping out other folks with their first time boat purchases. You go above and beyond in today's self absorbed society and I commend you for that. You're an asset to the boat threads. :drinking-62:

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Thank You, but I have to return the compliment. For me, its just fun to watch someone weed thru lots of boats out there and find the one that fits them the best.  Boats choice is so personal because it requires a combination of what a person likes, what their waters require and then looking at all the possible boats available at that time. I mention my wife and I have had so many boats over 40 years, but it is because we started out fishing electric only reservoirs, small lakes with no boat ramps and small streams. My two canoes and one 12 foot jon served us well. We moved to an area around the Susquehanna river and needed more boat for safety. That is when the 15 foot bass boat ( set up like a crappie style boat) came in to play It had the 9.9 tiller motor. Next we jumped to a 17 1/2 foot aluminum bass boat and it had a 35 Merc on it. I changed it to a jet lower unit. Not bragging, I had the first jet outboard on the Susqy. This was before Suzuki, Yammy and Merc started selling them as a package. From there they grew bigger for the most part. Once we returned to MD and started fishing the Potomac and Upper Bay we needed fiberglass. Our big one was a brand new Pro Craft 20 foot fish and ski with the 200 Merc. Man I loved running wide open around 73 MPH when I could.

Ironically I now have gone back to aluminum.  Sort a came full circle.  If I had a ton of money I would make either a Ranger Z185 or a Lund 1875 ProV Bass my last "New" boat. I love both of them.  Since I am not independently wealthy and Linda keeps missing the lottery number well I keep what I got. LOL 

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