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Two all around baitcasters

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I have only been bass fishing for a few years and this year the plan is to use and learn different baits through out the seasons. I have a 7ft medium fast action rod and I am planning on buying a casitas for it but what gear ratio ( 6:3:1 or 7:2:1)? and also I am going to buy a MH rod but not sure on what action to go with or what gear ratio for a reel.

So what would you recommend? 

Ps I do have spinning gear for finesse stuff

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6.3:1 would be good for everything. You could slow down and use it for crankbaits or speed up and use it for spinnerbaits. The rods you plan on buying sound like good all around rods as well. A 5.4:1 gear ratio is typically for slower baits or crankbaits while higher gear ratios like 7.1:1 are used for burning spinnerbaits and chatterbaits. I’d get the 6.3:1 and try out a bunch of techniques then decide on the other baitcaster.

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I would definitely go with a 6.3-1 on your 7 ft medium rod.  That rod I would spool with a good mono or copoly line like  the P Line FloroClear, a Suffix Siege, even Stren Original or Berkley Big Game. To make this an all around useful combo go with say 14 pound test. That rod should cover baits like spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, chatterbaits, some crankbaits, jerkbaits, topwaters, even things like rattle traps.

For your second rod consider a rod like a Dobyns Fury FR 734 or a Powell Max3D model 683 CEF. That is a weapon. I fish the earlier version a Max (not 3D) and of all the 12 baitcasters I fish with it is the most versatile rod in the box.

Now another nice option would be the Daiwa Tatula XT rod. I would choose the 7'1" MH with the extra fast tip. 

I would normally match it up with a Daiwa Tatula CT reel, butt those are my favorite reels and since you are interested in a Casitas for one rod, I would go with a 7.3 Casitas here also. That would mean you only need to learn how to adjust and cast one model reel.  This would handle all of my bottom bouncing baits like texas and carolina rigged worms, and jigs.  This rod would have 50 pound Power Pro Spectra braid or Suffix 832 braid on it.  One word on the braid. This type of line is more expensive. To save money when using braid, I always spool my reels half way with Stren original clear blue mono. It works out to be like .025 cent per yard.  Instead of using the entire spool of braid I only need half of it so a reel costs me $7.50 of braid and $less than $2.00 in mono.  You could easily use the same 14 pound line you put on your first reel for this. These rods, along with your spinning rod would make a nice arsenal. Good luck. 

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