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So I’m looking in to a new jerkbait rod which I already have the jerkbait rod from cabelas tournament zx but I want to throw a lil bit heavier baits something bigger then 7/16 I’m limited to a few versions but my question is the crankbait rod (not the cranking series !! ) which is 7’1 medium moderate fast would that work for jerkbaits ? Or go up to the 7’1 medium heavy fast  spinner bait rod ? Which seems a lil over kill for that application !?!? 


Some screen shots of the specs 




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The ZX Jerkbait/Topwater rod is well underrated in my opinion, meaning it will handle more weight than it's rated for. I regularly use it for baits up to 5/8 oz without any issues which includes the heavier Megabass baits (110+1, FX, Magnum) along with Pointers up to the SP100. Only if going larger than that would I consider another rod. I actually use a lighter rated Megabass rod for normal 110/78 sized jerkbaits because the ZX leans so far to the stiff side.

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I have the tournament zx 6.9ft medium fast action( top water/jerk bait ) rod and have used it a few times with bigger baits and it did just fine. the only problem I have with the rod is that the guides seems to be a bit on the cheap side and could bend easily and while I was at Cabelas I have seen a few with missing guide inserts.

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Looks like you just missed their somewhat regular sale on the ZX rods - they were $69 just a week or so ago.

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