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Bugeyed Earl

West Broward county (FL) rock quarry lakes

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Using google maps satellite view, I found a series of lakes that looked promising for fishing on foot along US27 north of Griffin road. I fished in two of them last weekend and found that they appear to be former rock quarries. The largest of them seems to have a shallow east side with some grass beds, but the water level was a bit high and we couldn't get very far without getting into deep muck. This one looks like it might be more accessible after it dries out a little. We made a number of casts here, but didn't have any luck.


Next we moved up to the northernmost lake, which is just south of I-75 and visible from US27. This lake is very clear, and we could see lots of fingerling bass along the shoreline. The lake is also very deep and plummets straight down from the shore, with almost no shallows except for a few sections at the south and north ends. I caught a handful of small bass on an unweighted Yum Dinger, and my buddy came up empty using some kind of soft lizard.


There are three additional smaller lakes in the stretch between Griffin and I-75, I might check those out in the future. 


Has anyone here fished these lakes, and if so, how do you get the bigger bass? Are there likely to be any large bass in these deep rock pits?

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There are bass in all those man made lakes.  They all have bass of various size.  Because of flood prevention, they are all connected to the canal systems and everglades, by culverts, or small canals.  When flood control turns the big pumps on, they will lower and also rise depending on what they are trying to do with the water supply.  So fish are always moving in and out of these water structures.  Without this control we would all flood during the wet season. 

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