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Bass Tracker 170 or 175txw?

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About to start fishing tourneys in central IL and need to get an affordable boat. Lotta 25hp max lakes but few unlimited. Any runnin a basstracker 170 on 25 hp merc? Or the 175 txw with 50 or 60hp? Trying to find a nice deal on either set up!

thanks for the help!

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If you go the 170 route with a 25 hp outboard, make sure you have trim and tilt. If the engine does not have trim & tilt install a T&H PT35 trim tilt plate.  It really helps to have trim when running a heavy boat and a small engine. I set up a Lowe Stinger 170 ( a 1000 pound hull) with a PT 35, played with props and then added a Stingray Junior and had a boat that ran 18 mph and came out level on take off. I set it up so I could use it on some limited HP lakes near home.

If you send me an email at fishnkamp@gmail.com I can send you some pictures of my setup.  I have since moved and repowered the boat with a Merc 75 hp engine, but I used that boat/25 hp engine combo in many different lakes including some big ones in Tennessee.

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