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Jig Man

Inflatable comfortable pfds

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I have the original SOSpenders that I bought when they came on the market.  I have never liked them because of the tired neck, shoulders, and back at the end of the day so I usually wear a regular vest.  I have some age and medical issues (3 fractured ribs and a ruptured lung).  They tell me it will be a few months before I can freely move without stiffness and pain so I figure it is in my best interest to get the most comfortable one on the market.


I have done some research and the Mustang gets good reviews.  What else should I be looking at?   I am not concerned with price, just comfort and functionality.

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I keep a couple of Cabela’s auto-inflatables on my boat for guests and use an Onyx A-33 Insight myself, but you won’t find a better auto-inflatable than a Mustang. A buddy just bought a Mustang MIT-100. I tried it on and will probably buy one.


The thing I like most about the MIT-100 is how flat it lays. Less bulk is more comfortable and less obtrusive, for sure.


The things I don’t like about the MIT-100 are: 1) it doesn’t include a whistle; 2) it doesn’t have a D-ring on the right side, where you can attach a kill-switch lanyard; and 3) there’s only one buckle on the right side to adjust the length of the waist strap.


My A-33 doesn’t include a whistle, but it has a D-ring. It’s on the wrong (i.e., left) side, but at least it’s there and it works okay. The A-33 also has buckles on both sides to adjust the length of the waist strap, which is less awkward to use than a single buckle on only one side.


My ideal auto-inflatable PFD would lay flat, include a whistle, have the inflation mechanism and manual pull tab on the left side, have a D-ring on the right side and have buckles on both sides to adjust the length of the waist strap.


Sometimes, I wonder whether the people who design these things ever actually use them. :rolleyes:

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Thanks for the reply.  I think you are right about the design guys.  I think that their geek brothers work in the sonar industry.  You have to have a geek degree to use one of the new ones.

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You got me searching for a new PFD, Jig Man. I don’t care much for the lime green accents, but I just ordered a Mustang MD5183 KF:




Mustang intends this PFD for paddlers, but it’s the same as the non-paddling version, except that it has molle webbing and other equipment lash points on it. AND it only comes in black or gray with the ugly lime green accents. :blink:


It has a low-profile manual inflation handle, so it doesn’t have a dangling yellow “Jerk Here” handle on the right side. Plus, it has a D-ring on the right side, dual waist-strap cinch buckles AND a whistle!


If only it were available in orange. . . . ;)

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